2017 Hall of Fame Class Inducted

The FIAAA inducted the 2017 Class of the FIAAA Hall of Fame...

During the 39th Annual FIAAA State Conference in May of 2017, the 2017 class of the FIAAA Hall of Fame was inducted.  The Hall of Fame Selection Committee offered as the 2017 inductees of the FIAAA Hall of Fame, three FIAAA Past Presidents.  The inductees are:

  • Ron Balazs – President of the FIAAA in 1989-90 and the current FIAAA Executive Director
  • George Phealn – President of the FIAAA in 1993-94 and currently retired.
  • Patricia "Trish" Highland – President of the FIAAA in 2003-04 and currently retired.

Congratulations to these deserving athletic administrators.

Information concerning the guidelines and a nomination packet can be obtained below.

Hall of Fame Guidelines

Hall of Fame Nomination Form